Fully booked schedule during training weekend Medemblik

During the weekend of 23th and 24th April the Hansa Class and the Dutch Water sport Union, organise an weekend of training for the 2016 Hansa Class World & International Championships at the International Sailing Centre (ISC) in Medemblik. For some sailors this is the introduction to sailing on the IJsselmeer, and it’s a perfect preparation for the championships.

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“Many of the participants this weekend, have never sailed on this water, the IJsselmeer”, explains Christoffel van Hees, trainer of the Dutch Water sport Union. “At the same time, it’s a great test case for us, since we have installed new facilities at the ISC in Medemblik during the winter. We can see how it improved the buildings accessibility.” Van Hees will train the sailors together with some other trainers from the Netherlands and from Swiss. Wilma van den Broek, from the national Hansa Class, arranged the sailors. “At this moment we have ten Swiss sailors, six Belgium sailors and sixteen Dutch sailors”, she says. “The foreign sailor will all be sailing in a Hansa 303 double. The Dutch sailors sail in the Hansa 303 double and single and we have some Liberty sailors.”

The trainers have a whole list of activities for this weekend. “In the morning we will tell the sailors our plans for the weekend and prepare them however we can. After that we will divided in groups and go out onto the water”, Van Hees explains. “On the water we will teach the basics of the courses that will be sailed during the championships. We will also try sailing following the compass, and if the weather lets us, we’ll teach the sailors how to deal with the typical waves in Medemblik”, Van Hees tells us the waves in Medemblik can be unpredictable, and it’s good to know them. “At the end of each training day we’ll do some last starts on the water with the whole group. In the day evaluation we discuss the day by looking at some footages we shoot during the day.” So there is a fully booked schedule for the sailors during this weekend.

About the 2016 Hansa Worlds
The Hansa Class World & International Championships 2016 will be taking place in Medemblik – Netherlands from 3 – 9 June 2016, following closely after the Delta Lloyd regatta. The event will include the following competitions: Hansa 2.3, Hansa 303 (single and two persons), Liberty and Skud 18. The 2016 Worlds will provide a full week of great sailing on a venue well known by sailors all over the world. In the organiser’s vision, sailors will bring their family and friends to combine their passion of sailing with a visit to the cultural and recreational venues of the Netherlands, Amsterdam and the beautiful city of Medemblik.

IHCA President Russell Phillips is looking forward to the 2016 Worlds and has already entered in the Liberty fleet. “The 2016 Hansa Class Combined World & International Championships will showcase the best sailors from around the world in our four inclusive Hansa Classes – the Hansa 2.3, Hansa 303, Liberty and SKUD18. It is great to see that interest in our Combined Championships is strong and that a large international presence will complement the European sailors. The Hansa Class Association continues to grow and the 2016 Combined World & International Championships will be the pinnacle of our worldwide calendar of events”, said Mr Phillips.

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