Sailing in a wooden shoe, it’s possible during the 2016 Hansa Worlds. The wooden shoe sailing class is an official class in the Netherlands and is mostly sailed in Friesland, the North of the Netherlands. The sailors stay on land, while the wooden shoe is in the water. We call this ‘Klompkesilen’.

Klompkes 2016 Hansa (2)

Since you’re on the land yourself, you won’t have any control over the boat once it’s in the water. So you have to build the wooden shoe, including sails, perfect. And at the start you can give it one last push. The ‘boats’ don’t sail a course like a normal sailing race, they just sail straight ahead, the one that’s crosses the finish on the other side first, wins the race.

Wednesday June 8
On Wednesday you have the change to go sailing with a wooden shoe yourself. We have a start every hour from 11.00 – 16.00. Sign up at the registration desk and you’ll get your wooden shoe for the race. Before the race there is some time to practice and adjust the sails of your mini boat. At the end of the day we’ll have a small price giving ceremony for this competition.

If you want to go ‘Klompkesilen’ at your home as well, you can buy your own Klompke and build it yourself! Show your friends and family how fun sailing can be in Holland