Looking for a place to stay in or near Medemblik? We can help you at this page! This list is meant to be a guide in helping you finding suitable accommodation. This information is recently updates with care, but no rights can be claimed form this.

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In advance of the event, we provide a handymen crew that can help you with on-site adaptations. I.e. Building ramps, installing handles, or with the cooperation of the owner, remove doors temporary.

Once you gave made your accommodation arrangements, we ask you to send a short message to, so that we kno when you arrive, leave and where you are staying.

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Travel agency “Accessible Travel Netherlands”

The travel agency Accessible Travel Netherlands is specialized in making travel arrangements for people with accessibility needs. Do not hesitate to contact them if you would like help with bookings and organizing suitable accommodation, accessible transfers, adapted rental cars, adapted bike rental, mobility equipment hire, guided tours and fun ’typical Dutch’ activities. Visit the website or email to